Advanced Data Analytics

Virtually every aspect of a business is now open to data collection. We believe that this data revolution spans industries, with data collection categorized into four main types: Text, image, time-series (signal, time events), and consumer & company information. Collectively, a business' decisions also converge a number of outcomes: Increasing speed to market, increasing sales, lowering costs (ex. through automation), providing better or more efficient services, increasing quality (ex. manufacturing QC), increasing market share, or adding a new product or service to your offerings. While the information, product, service, and goal are different for each business, it is important to take the same holistic data strategy approach for each problem in building out data science solutions.

Datatechnophile is led by a team of accomplished data scientists with a proven track record of generating ROI for our clients. As a full-service and technical consulting firm, we apply a research and development approach to investigate the best possible outcome for each problem, and execute the vision at the highest level. We examine each data source, input, and engineering solution to determine if something valuable, automated, or predictive can be created.

A small subset of our services includes the below:

Marketing Analytics

  • •Price and promotion & Incentive Strategy
  • •Campaign effectiveness
  • •Consumer behavior & Segmentation
  • •Customer churn and lifetime value

Healthcare Analytics

  • •Disease Detection
  • •Population health & Classification
  • •Electronic health & medical record analysis
  • •ER & Hospital optimization


  • •Small molecule & compound analysis
  • •EHR & Clinical trial optimization
  • •Real world data analysis
  • •Pre-Clinical automation


  • •Supply Chain & Logistics
  • •Quality control automation
  • •Preventive maintenance
  • •Demand forecasting & optimization

Natural Language Processing

  • •Document extraction, OCR
  • •Text summarization, topic modeling
  • •Chatbots, Recommended engines
  • •Call centers, audio to text

Computer Vision

  • •Image & Video analysis
  • •Object detection & segmentation & tracking
  • •Medical images, manufacturing, GIS etc.,
  • •Noise removal & calibration
  • •Image & Video analysis
  • •Object detection & segmentation & tracking
  • •Medical images, manufacturing, GIS etc.,
  • •Noise removal & calibration

Monitoring / Anomaly Detection

  • •Fraud & Fault detection
  • •Cyber Security
  • •Event & Risk analysis
  • •Device and hardware usage & monitoring

Time-Series Analysis

  • •Signal Analysis & IoT
  • •Financial prediction
  • •Sales forecasting
  • •Consumer & Device behavior

Tools & Technologies

Python, R, NLP, Supervised & Unsupervised Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Neural Networks, Hadoop, Spark, Tensor Flow, AWS, NVIDIA GPU’s, Azure, & many more


Business Intelligence

Datatechnophile advises and provides professional services to leaders in business and the public sector. We take an integrative approach, looking holistically at each problem to establish the optimal data strategy, focused at the stage where we can generate the most impact and return. Our custom business intelligence solutions are specifically designed to leverage your tools and data and provide answers to leadership’s questions. Operational and financial reporting and forecasting is a time-consuming, and often, manual process.

Companies often underestimate the impact that automated reporting can have on bottom lines and productivity. We can create tools that significantly impact business decisions with the aggregation of data, allowing companies to pull levers, view dashboards in real-time, and to set goals and improve performance. Datatechnophile creates end-to-end pipelines to fully automate, handle, classify, and predict desirable features in customers, sales, marketing, and financials.

We can Enable:

  • •Consolidation of data to enable enterprise-wide business intelligence
  • •Mine your company’s data through customized software, study the competition, and model industry trends to develop a picture of where your company stands in relation to the market
  • •Custom BI and visualization tools for real-time reporting of KPIs
  • •Give data-driven recommendations, so that you can make informed decisions, to become market leaders

•Next Generation Models:

  • •Personalized suggestions, offers, and alerts - real-time recommendation engines
  • •Real-time customer segmentation and context (location, preferences, history, etc.)
  • •Cross-sell and up-sell recommendations delivered to dealership team in real-time
  • •Predictive customer ROI and lifetime value
  • •Predictive inventory planning and pricing, incentives, promotions
  • •Dealership optimization; from service monitoring to GIS dat

Automated Dashboards:

  • •Operational and financial reporting and forecasting is a time-consuming and manual process
  • •Companies underestimate the impact that automated reporting can have on bottom lines
  • •We can create tools that significantly improves performance and the aggregation of data, allowing companies to pull levers to set goals instead of pushing metrics reports


Big Data Analytics

Understand how optimum data engineering processes work and how we can help you leverage the same, along with the best data storage practices. Every designed framework consists of value-based design principles where the development process focuses on the real business processes and how the stakeholders can interact with the data. We compare analytics tools and deploy that best suit your business. Agile methodology is leveraged to provide a quicker market time for every envisioned solution.

Real-Time Predictions

Datatechnophile helps you set up real-time predictions by deploying the collected business data to drive insights. This translates to quicker responses to incidents where a mere delay of seconds or minutes can lead to catastrophic results. Obtaining the right insight at the right time equates to wiser decision-making. This is highly relevant for companies in industries that cater to Radar Systems, Customer Services, Stock Market Analytics, Real-time cab booking, Real-time banking services, etc.

Fully Managed Serverless insights

Want to transform your data into a competitive advantage? Look no further. Datatechnophile helps you attain fully managed and serverless insights so that your primary focus is only on decision-making at the right interaction points. This also increased the visibility to operational performance and measurements against the set targets. Hence, the business can be understood better and performance management can be tamed.

Big Data Batch Processing

Collect and process gigantic heaps of data that often prove too complex to handle. The process followed here collects the data first, it is entered into the processing system, the processing is carried out and the results are then produced. Individual programs for input, processing, and output are used here which makes it ideal for Trend Analysis, Pattern Identification, Payroll, and Billing Systems, Weather Forecasting, and the like.

Data-Driven Logistics

More data and the ability to search through it with focused intent translates to increased capabilities in the supply management chain with more data, devices, and connections. Intelligent and personalized insights about gaps and opportunities for improvement in the supply chain can be driven by leveraging geospatial data in your organization, even in real-time.


AI and Ml Software Development

Datatechnophile provides customized data-mining software solutions for each client. We hope that you'll see a unique opportunity where infrastructure, IT, and data science is used as a strategic asset to beat the competition. We are skilled in database support, data management, and data processing. Further, we can create full environment solutions and develop focused software to tackle any of your data-mining problems.

Our team is adept at updating legacy applications or implementing the latest technology. Our firm executes entire projects using a small number of good developers - this makes projects timelines responsive, iterative, and far under budget than firms that outsource their staff. As we move through creating specifications and business rules, we highlight and catch any problems early on and can introduce new features, insights, or an improved experience such that we can fully leverage the outcome. Our software experts specialize in:

  • •Technical Strategy and Data Strategy
  • •Data Warehousing and Databases
  • •Infrastructure Strategy and Leadership
  • •Business Architecture
  • •Systems Integration
  • •Deployment and Data-Mining


Data Engineering And Architecture

Define your business using new data and technologies:

Make your internal and external data sources flow seamlessly into your analysis tools. Establish governance and empower your users to leverage data to make analytics-driven, fact-based decision making, quickly. Working together, we can help organizations better handle the complexity of their data and new information sources, while reducing costs, and ensuring the integrity of information assets.

Datatechnophile’s consultants can develop information management tools for your company’s information assets, implement real-time compliance monitoring using automated techniques, and give recommendations to design and set up a secure framework to responsibly handle your information in compliance with legal, regulatory, and business specific requirements. Let's improve the performance of your systems or develop new ones to make better data-driven decisions.

In this time of change, it is often difficult to upgrade and integrate new technologies into your existing data workflow. It is important that businesses and institutions take a more holistic approach with their information strategy to position themselves for the future. When examining the basic strategies to leverage the most out of your data, we find a common pattern with our approach to data science consulting:

  • •Gather internal and external data sources
  • • Determine analytics capabilities and goals
  • • Develop and deploy architecture for the future
  • •Integrate current platforms and technologies
  • •Analyze future transition states and new tech

Our consultants will work closely with you to design and maintain your data management standards to ensure your data is always of the highest quality and scales with your needs.

From data to action

Datatechnophile helps businesses develop a data strategy that addresses architecture and governance frameworks that transform information into actionable and executable models. Digitization, analytics, big data, IOT, and social media are quickly generating a new age of businesses and challenges that cutting into traditional information management and analytics practices. Automation and artificial intelligence can greatly augment the ability of business leaders to make forward-looking decisions using starting from a backbone of information management and analytics systems.


Research And Scientific Advisory

Datatechnophile offers expertise to businesses and private equity, as well as venture capital firms, universities, and private research institutions.


We can define objectives or provide an external perspective on prospective business deals and ventures as well as validate technologies and methods. Datatechnophile provides quality authentication of data models and can provide leadership for research groups and aid in both experimental and theoretical work. We ask and model the important questions that will influence the development of the next generation of research, development, manufacturing, and medical technologies. Our experienced staff of scientists have knowledge in a large range of technical fields. Our consultants can work as a partner in your group on established projects or lead new development of business projects to help you move forward with momentum. Datatechnophile can provide a strong conduit for the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and data science technology.

Our consultants will work closely with you to design and maintain your data management standards to ensure your data is always of the highest quality and scales with your needs.

Patents & Publications

We can help with the statistical analysis of your data, carry out theoretical modeling, or create visualizations for your project. Additionally, we can advise and research potential publications or corporate IP, from write up to polishing. At Datatechnophile we adhere to the scientific code of ethics when our clients use our services for public domain use. Our consultants must be properly cited in the acknowledgements when his or her services are minimal and as a co-author when the input is substantial.